How much parking is available and how many cars will it hold?
With the assistance of parking attendants, you can park up to 200 safely.

How many people will the park accommodate?

Can we serve alcohol?
Yes, with insurance and a licensed caterer. No self service alcohol is allowed.

What are the requirements if we want to have an event after dark?
You may hold an event after dark if you have a licensed caterer and/or event coordinator who can provide lighting, a generator and security.

Is the Cross and parking lot area lit at night?
The Cross is dimly lit; the parking lot is not lit at all. For evening events, you would need to bring in additional lighting.

Are there bathrooms or running water?
No, but you may contact JW Enterprises at 1-800-350-3331
or visit www.jwenterprises.com to arrange delivery of portable bathrooms.

Is shuttle service for parking provided?

Do you provide seating/chairs?
No. Please call a rental company.  Check our recommendations below.

Is there electricity?
There are 2 20amp circuits located on the Cross base which can accommodate a small PA system.

Are there dressing/changing facilities?

Are there trash bins available?
Yes. There are multiple trash cans, but we require that all trash be removed from the area following your event.

How long can we reserve the park for our event?
A non-refundable donation of $750 for three hours, $1,250 for six hours, or $1,750 for all day (9:00am - 8:00pm). Each additional hour add $150.00 (applies only to three and six hour blocks). Evening is suggested for a tented event. The park will remain open to the public during daylight hours. Contact Amber Weir at info@amberweir.com or call 805.223.5505.

Who do we call in case of an emergency?
911 for police/fire/ambulance. Other:  648-3008 or 648-4853 (Jonathan's).

What kind of liability insurance do you require for an event?
For receptions, we require a $1 million, one-day special event policy. These normally cost around $175. Go to wedsafe.com to purchase or, contact your insurance agent.

Is there disability access, wheelchair access or disability parking?

Can we park cars along the street entrance to the park?
Yes, you may park along one side of the street entering the park. An open fire lane into the park is required for safety.